Fixtures and all the crucial dates on the Caister Bowls Club calendar.

Important Notes:
Due to Covid 19 all fixtures are subject to change and should be checked with your team Captain or the Honourable Club Secretary

01/04/2021 – All matches in the Yarmouth and District leagues (EBA) before 17th of May are cancelled, possibly to be rearranged but no further information to date.

East Bilney League - East One - Caister 'A' - 2021 Season
Wednesday28th AprilThorpe Rec. ‘A’Home
Wednesday5th MayAcle ‘A’Away
Wednesday12th MayMarthamHome
Wednesday19th MayGorlestonAway
Wednesday26th MayGt. PlumsteadAway
Wednesday2nd JuneBradwellHome
Wednesday9th JuneNorwich UnionAway
Wednesday16th JuneThorpe Rec. ‘A’Away
Wednesday23rd JuneAcle ‘A’Home
Wednesday30th JuneMarthamAway
Wednesday7th JulyGorlestonHome
Wednesday14th JulyGt. PlumsteadHome
Wednesday21st JulyBradwellAway
Wednesday28th JulyNorwich UnionHome
Monday2nd AugustThorpe Rec AHome
Wednesday4th AugustAcle AAway
Wednesday11th AugustMarthamHome
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East Bilney League - East Two - Caister 'B' - 2021 Season
Wednesday28th AprilCounty Arts ‘B’Away
Wednesday5th MayNorth WalshamHome
Wednesday12th MayAcle ‘B’Away
Wednesday19th MayGorleston LinksHome
Wednesday26th MayThorpe Rec. ‘B’Home
Wednesday2nd JuneFreethorpe ‘B’Away
Wednesday9th JuneCounty Arts ‘C’Home
Wednesday16th JuneCounty Arts ‘B’Home
Wednesday23rd JuneNorth WalshamAway
Wednesday30th JuneAcle ‘B’Home
Wednesday7th JulyGorleston LinksAway
Wednesday14th JulyThorpe Rec. ‘B’Away
Wednesday21st JulyFreethorpe ‘B’Home
Wednesday28th JulyCounty Arts ‘C’Away
Monday2nd AugustCounty Arts ‘b’Away
Wednesday4th AugustNorth WalshamHome
Wednesday29th AugustAcle BAway
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Yarmouth & District - Ladies - 2021 Season
Wednesday12th MayMarthamAway
Wednesday19th MayGorleston B.C.Away
Thursday27th MayGorleston LinksAway
Monday7th JuneAcleHome
Friday10th JuneFreethorpeAway
Friday25th JuneMarthamHome
Thursday1st JulyFilbyAway
Wednesday7th JulyAcleAway
Wednesday14th JulyGorleston B.C.Home
Monday19th JulyGorleston LinksHome
Wednesday21st JulyFreethorpeHome
Friday23rd JulyFilbyHome
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Jane Cockrill 01493 377238 / 07909788950
Yarmouth & District - Division One - Caister 'A' - 2021 Season
Friday30th AprilBurlinghamAway
Friday28th MayAcleAway
Friday4th JuneGorlestonAway
Friday11th JuneRollesbyHome
Friday2nd JulyAcleHome
Thursday8th JulyGorleston Cons.Home
Friday9th JulyWoodbastwickHome
Friday16th JulyGorleston Cons.Away
Thursday22nd JulyPotter HeighamHome
Friday23rd JulyMatham ‘A’Away
Thursday29th JulyRollesbyAway
Friday30th JulyGorlestonHome
Wednesday4th AugustMartham ‘A’Home
Friday6th AugustBurlinghamHome
Wednesday11th AugustGorleston ConsAway
Friday13th AugustWoodbastwickAway
Tuesday17th AugustPotter HeighamAway
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Ray Reeson01493 722257 / 07816774846
Yarmouth & District - Division Two - Caister 'B' - 2021 Season
Friday30th AprilRunhamHome
Friday21st MayLudhamHome
Friday28th MayMartham ‘B’Home
Friday4th JuneBlofield HeathHome
Thursday17th JuneReppsAway
Friday2nd JulyFilbyHome
Thursday8th JulyMartham ‘B’Away
Friday9th JulyOrmesbyAway
Thursday15th JulyBlofield HeathAway
Thursday29th JulyFilbyAway
Wednesday4th AugustLudhamAway
Thursday5th AugustRunhamAway
Friday13th AugustOrmesbyHome
Wednesday25th AugustReppsHome
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Malta Cup - Ladies - 2021 Season
Monday17th MayMarthamHome
Wednesday26th MayGorleston B.C.Home
Thursday3rd JuneAcleHome
Friday11th JuneOrmesbyHome
Monday14th JuneGorleston LinksHome
Wednesday16th JuneGorleston B.C.Away
Monday21st JuneBradwellAway
Thursday24th JuneFreethorpeAway
Monday28th JuneBradwellHome
Monday5th JulyAcleAway
Monday12th JulyGorleston LinksAway
Thursday15th JulyMarthamAway
Monday26th JulyOrmesbyAway
Friday6th AugustFreethorpeHome
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Malta Cup - Division One - Caister 'A' - 2021 Season
Monday10th MayGorleston EBAHome
Monday17th MayAcle ‘A’Away
Monday24th MayAcle ‘A’Home
Monday7th JuneAcle ‘B’Home
Monday14th JuneGorleston EBAAway
Monday21st JuneMartham ‘A’Away
Monday5th JulyFreethorpe ‘A’Away
Monday19th JulyAcle ‘B’Away
Monday26th JulyFreethorpe ‘A’Home
Monday9th AugustMartham ‘A’Home
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David Lamb01493 719033 / 07793650964
Malta Cup - Division Two - Caister 'B' - 2021 Season
Friday7th MayBradwell ‘A’Away
Monday10th MayMartham ‘B’Away
Monday17th MayOrmesbyHome
Monday7th JuneFreethorpe ‘B’Away
Monday14th JuneBradwell ‘A’Home
Friday25th JuneMartham ‘B’Home
Monday28th JuneGorleston LinksHome
Monday5th JulyFreethorpe ‘B’Home
Monday12th JulyBradwell ‘B’Away
Monday19th JulyBradwell ‘B’Home
Monday2nd AugustGorleston LinksAway
Monday9th AugustOrmesbyAway
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Kevin Tucker01493 393995 / 07947218332
Federation County League - Premier East League - Caister 'A' 2021 Season
Tuesday4th MayGissingAway
Tuesday11th MayMartham HawksHome
Tuesday18th MayStalhamAway
Tuesday25th MayWoodbastwickAway
Tuesday1st JuneBurlingham ‘A’Home
Tuesday8th JuneR.G.Carter ‘A’Away
Tuesday15th JuneGorleston TigersHome
Tuesday22nd JuneGissingHome
Tuesday29th JuneMartham HawksAway
Tuesday6th JulyStalhamHome
Tuesday13th JulyWoodbastwickHome
Tuesday20th JulyBurlingham ‘A’Away
Tuesday27th JulyR.G.Carter ‘A’Home
Tuesday3rd AugustGorleston TigersAway
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Jane Cockrill01493 377238 / 07909788950
Federation County League - Sub Area 'C' League - Caister Castles 2021 Season
Tuesday4th MayOrmesby BluesHome
Tuesday11th MayMartham KitesAway
Tuesday18th MayWintertonHome
Tuesday25th MayHickling ‘B’Home
Tuesday8th JunePotter Heigham SwansHome
Tuesday15th JuneGorleston LionsAway
Tuesday22nd JuneOrmesby BluesHome
Tuesday29th JuneMartham KitesHome
Tuesday6th JulyWintertonAway
Tuesday13th JulyHickling ‘B’Away
Tuesday27th JulyPotter Heigham SwansAway
Tuesday3rd AugustGorleston LionsHome
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Federation County Cup - Area 'D' League - Caister Centurions- 2021 Season
Tuesday4th MayLudhamHome
Tuesday11th MayGt. Plumstead TigersAway
Tuesday18th MayFreethorpe BrandiesHome
Tuesday25th MayFleggburgh VillageHome
Tuesday1st JuneGorleston LinksAway
Tuesday8th JuneAcleHome
Tuesday22nd JuneLudhamAway
Tuesday29th JuneGt. Plumstead TigersHome
Tuesday6th JulyFreethorpe BrandiesAway
Tuesday13th JulyFleggburgh VillageAway
Tuesday20th JulyGorleston LinksHome
Tuesday27th JulyAcleAway
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